Shortlist with Intelligence 

Bulk Shortlisting & Feedback communication.....Automated

Learn how DIGGER can help you communicate your employer brand, & Intelligently Match The right talent for the right job

Experience an innovative and robust, Hiring Platform designed to:


  1. Increase recruiter productivity,

  2. Increase quality of hire, and

  3. Enhance the candidate experience with continuous engagement.

Our Solutions

Intelligent Matching

Digger is a Niched Industry Matching & Shortlisting Platform, with a multi-filtered ranking system, specifically optimized for the Global resources sector.  Our Intelligent screening software is pre-populated with the most comprehensive Mining industry specific disciplines, which accurately presents quality instead of quantity candidates 

Continuous Engagement

Automate laborious parts of your pre-hiring and selection process and decrease time-to-hire. Take charge of your candidate inflow and give your team the tools they need to focus on what really matters. Enhance your candidate experience with continuous feedback loops.

Intelligent Branding 

DIGGER, helps companies uncover and communicate an authentic and relevant employer brand to bring it to life through shareable and informative content.  

Engage the right Talent first. Ensure better informed candidates & increase your Acceptance to Offer Ratio.

Intelligent Assessments

Our combined assessment and application system filters your candidates as soon as they apply, automatically ranking based on skill, behavioral and culture fit factors for the role.

Data-Driven decisions, increasing the Quality of Hire.

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At Digger we might not disrupt the way we mine, but we do disrupt the way we find the people who do