If you've been affected by layoffs/retrenchments, we're here to support you


Our mission is to support anyone unfortunate enough to be affected.

Unfortunately, given the changing economic climate, many organisations are laying off awesome people. 

This is heartbreaking, especially since people have bills to pay. 
Our goal is to surface awesome talent, help people find new jobs, and help organisations find top talent ASAP.

Affected by Layoffs, submit your details : 
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How YOU can help ๐Ÿ™

1. Share this page link with Line Managers who are doing layoffs / Retrenchments 


2. Share this page link with people who have been laid off / or Retrenched


3. Share the Website link with all the hiring managers you know


If you are part of an organisation, or Hiring manager involved in layoffs or retrenchments ๐Ÿ˜”

- Have your team send out this page link to the effected staff.

- They will receive an email with instructions on how to maximise their chances of finding employment.

- Contact us via email. contact@diggerapp.io if you have any questions


It SUCKS doing retrenchments. We hope to make it suck a bit less and help people find jobs, as fast as possible.


If you are still hiring, or know of a company hiring, please let us know (contact@diggerapp.io)