The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Automation

Recruiting Automation is defined as a category of software technology that allows companies to automate recruiting tasks and workflows so they can increase recruiter productivity, accelerate time-to-fill, reduce cost-per-hire and improve the overall talent profile of their organization.

Employer (Talent) Branding 101

Everything you ever wanted (and needed) to know about creating and promoting a brand that attracts the right candidates.


Whether you have a robust employer branding strategy or you're only beginning to think about it, we have top tips for you in this 30+ page Ebook.

As a bonus, this Ebook contains a free assessment you can take to see how your employer brand stacks up.

AI for Recruiting 

A simple Guide for HR Professionals 

AI is a complex technology, but understanding it should be simple!

Annual Career Assessment


Use this worksheet to check in on your goals and create an actual plan to achieve them.

SMART Goal worksheet

This worksheet is to help you stay accountable to your goals

Candidate Experience & Engagement 

Candidates not only act like consumers when searching for jobs, candidates are the consumers at many companies. It's why a bad candidate experience doesn't just affect our ability to recruit; it now impacts our company's ability to grow.