• Lindi Engelbrecht

3 secrets to create a memorable brand

Your brand shapes your customer's experience

M A G I C......A few years ago, my family & I had the privilege of enjoying Euro Disney, just outside of Paris, and all the magic it had to offer! It enchanted and bedazzled us. The experience is etched in our minds & hearts forever. 

I recently pondered about that experience, (maybe because we are grounded and can't travel & explore at the moment), how it relates to a business's brand ??? How does your brand make your customers feel......do they feel the magic only you can bring? Do you leave them with a lasting & memorable experience?

Life is made up of countless sequences of experiences; much of it is forgotten over time, but certain memorable moments can endure for as long as we live.

The interaction a customer has with your brand shapes their experience, and the question we should ask ourselves is how do we shape peoples experiences for it to be memorable & meaningful. 

Apply these 3 secrets to create a memorable brand :

  • Connect your brand with your story. We all have a testimony to share, & it's in these shared spaces that people connect with your story and thus your brand.

  • Be true to yourself. We all have a contribution to the world inside of us. Your authentic self will attract your tribe that will love your brand. 

You can't be everything to everyone, but you can be something great for someone.
~ Matt Cheuvront
  • Create a community around your brand. Trust is a superpower for your brand, and creating 1000 true fans, by showing up consistently, authentically and bringing the best value. 

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