• Lindi Engelbrecht

4 Reasons to create your own website as a new business owner

Benefits of DIYing your own Website

Strategic Tips :

When you're in the beginning stages of your business, making smart and strategic decisions on a budget is vital to starting off on the right foot

1. DIYing your website will save you money

It makes sense, especially in the startup phase of your business to save as much money as possible and wherever you can. DIY-ing your website can totally fit into the budget of a new website. New modern tools, i.e #Wix or Wordpress assist new business owners with tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to create your 1st free version of your website.

2. Creating your own website will help you launch faster

Your website is one of your most critical marketing tools, so the faster that it's up and live, the faster you can gain momentum in your business. I want to caution us here, as I have worked with many business owners who solicit the services of professionals to build there website (Disclaimer : When you are cashflow positive, it is advisable to source the help of a professional Photographer; videographer, and copy writer etc.), but get so caught up in "it's-not-quiet-ready-yet" cycle, that they never launch their business, and thus this becomes a stumbling block instead of a powerful sales tool.

3. DIY-ing your website will help you look professional, whilst you are growing.

In my own experience, creating a website, to only rebrand a year later is a common occurrence for a newly started business. The Reason for this is, that clarity develops as you walk out the journey of your business, and what you thought would be your core message and offering might change as you analyse the data of your audience. So, rather spending Professional Services money on your "first draft" website, my recommendation is to DIY-ing it until your rebrand.

4. DIYing your website can actually look like a custom website

As mentioned, tools and templates on website building apps can save allot of time, cost and assist you to create a killer site that looks totally custom. When you are hands on and present from the start, you will know every aspect of your design, setup and back end settings, which might seem not as useful in the startup phase of your business, but trust me to have your finger on the pulse of every aspect of your business could prove priceless in later phases.

As a side note. The process of DYI-ing your website might be frustrating at times, especially the self-learning process, however your future self will thank you when you have saved thousands of Rands/Dollars, launched as quickly as possible and gained a critical skill.

Elizabeth Moore put it this way :

“ I realised a brand is so much more than a logo. It’s a perception of who I am, what my business is, it differentiates me from others in my area, and it attracts the clients I want”. 

Remember this, your clients buy into you first. YOU need to be front and center with your clients, selling, creating value and lead with your story and then point them to your Website.


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