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5 Tactics to engage younger generations online

Engaging generation Z in your business & online marketing.

Y O U T H D A Y .....

How do you reach, generation Z in your business or online marketing.  Engaging the workforce of the future is more important than ever, because of the emergence of @GenerationZ. This generation grew up with technology, and expect more from business and how they are reached and engaged with, on the different touch points on their shopping journey. 

Here is 5 strategies to reach Gen Z :

1. Get ready to meet Generation Z's significant buying power.

Let's start with one statistic: Generation Z will have $44 billion in buying power. And no, that's not a typo. That's 44 billion dollars with a B. On top of that, Gen Z makes up 27 percent of the U.S. population.

2. You'll have to drop traditional marketing methods for Generation Z.

Say goodbye to paid actors in your commercials. In all seriousness, Gen-Zers want to see real, relatable people in marketing campaigns. The people in your ads need to share the same struggles or have the same beliefs as your Generation Z audience.

3. Create quick, effective content to market to Generation Z. This is where things get tricky.

You've come up with a good storytelling approach to sell to your customers, but can you do it in eight seconds or less? For Generation Z, the average attention span is exactly that, eight seconds. (TikTok, need i say more)

4. Use each social media platform differently.

Unlike Millennials, Generation Z has had quick, easy access to the Internet and social media for most of their lives. Because of that, they rely on social media for a number of reasons, so much that they check their accounts at least hourly.

5. Be a business that they can look up to. 

I'm not sure if you are aware of a wonderful skincare brand @bloomeffects. As a small token of their appreciation, the company sent a range of their products to the incredible nurses at @YaleNewHavenHospital. They were also able to donate an additional 100 Royal Tulip Nectar jars to Donate Beauty to reach out to even more incredible healthcare workers.  ⁠

On their Facebook page, they wrote this "These unprecedented times have affected and proven to be difficult to navigate for so many people around the world - we have not been blind to this and we are grateful for those who have played roles in keeping the world turning. We have just chosen to spread light and positivity on our page, and where we can, instead" People, including myself, love @bloomeffects Skincare because not only are their products incredible but they stand for a great cause.

Let me ask you this. Being aware of these, 5 strategies, how would you adapt and pivot your marketing efforts to reach an audience of more than a quarter of the population ? 

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