• Lindi Engelbrecht

Attracting Top Talent - Talent Leaders & Recruiters Share their experiences working with Digger.

Here's how your enterprise can sustainably tap into qualified (and diverse) talent pools.

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All companies and organisations have one thing in common: They are looking for the best talent that money can buy. It can be easy to assume that money is what attracts top talent, but that isn't necessarily true. In fact, potential employees look for a lot more than just money and benefits; the intangibles matter, too.

In fact, there are a lot of things that companies can do that don't necessarily look good on paper but can attract better employees. We asked Talent leaders and recruiters to weigh in on creative ways that Digger assisted them in finding the best talent possible.

1. Invest in a hiring platform that automates laborious parts of the hiring process.

We made the decision to use the Digger Platform, because Instead of manually reviewing tens to hundreds of individual applications per job opening, hoping to find the right one, Digger does it for you. In our experience using other platforms alongside Digger, it supplies you more, but no necessarily the best, whereas with Digger you start with a shortlist of the top candidates.

This automated shortlisting capabilities, has reduced our time-to-hire by 70%. The platform uses data science at the very beginning of the recruitment funnel telling you exactly who to talk to first & why. The matching technology helps us identify the right talent faster. The Candidates’ profiles are created instantly on a system that is easy to navigate, while finding the next hire becomes a real joy.

Our Talent Leaders and Recruiters can now focus on building relationships with possible future employees and not be buried under millions of incorrect applicants. Digger assisted us to Take charge of our candidate inflow and gave our team the tools we needed to focus on what really matters. Digger makes talent management easy by helping you match your open positions to the candidates that have the right skills and experience. The all-in-one dashboard lets you track, manage, and rate job applicants, as well as connect with candidates.

2. Partner with the tech firm, to instil an effective change management journey for your teams – It's technology, but it’s a human journey.

At our organisation the digital transformation isn’t about digitising a channel or simply doing more things digitally. It’s a much broader scope than that. We’re really looking to improve and simplify candidates/applicants ‘moments of truth’ — and all the supporting processes that build a true omnichannel, world-class experience. Working with each area in the business to help everyone think and act digitally for the things they control. With one-of-a-kind

technology, data- driven expertise, and a world class team, Digger is the best hiring platform for us as an employer in the Mining & Metals industry.

The Digger team journeyed with us, and assisted our recruitment function across the group transition form old ways to a new digital platform revolution. Digger understood Uniting people in a seamless way with the underlying enabling technologies is the most critical aspect of a successful digital transformation

3. Establish an Employer Brand that attracts the best and respects their privacy.

The market is very noisy, it’s not about how many people we can attract but it’s about attracting the talent that shares our vision and values. DIGGER, helps our company uncover and communicate an authentic and relevant employer brand to bring it to life through shareable and informative content. The platform assists us to position our brand in front of the right global talent pool.

The mining & Resources industry is unique, due to the remoteness of operations, and most of the time it requires potential employees to relocate, and relocate with their families. The Digger platform not only communicates why you want to work for us, but also what you can expect from the area we operate in.

This information speaks directly to the applicants which ensures better informed candidates & increase your Acceptance to Offer Ratio. It also empowers us to Engage the right Talent first. Applicants appreciate the privacy aspect of the platform, they get notified of our available vacancies, but don't get bombarded with external recruiters, because the platform is true to its slogan.......Recruit yourself.

4. Continuous candidate engagement is not a luxury but an essential part of the candidate and employee experience.

Digger’s candidate-centric recruiting model encompassing both technology solutions and strategies to continuously engage candidates in the right way, from first look to first day. In the quest for top talent, a CCE (Continuous Candidate Engagement) strategy creates a sustainable and defensible competitive advantage, establishing our hiring as a key growth driver for the company and our brand as a magnet for talent. We’re facing a strategic imperative to embrace Continuous Candidate Engagement, and companies that don’t adapt will be left behind. Candidates aren’t the only ones who benefit by shifting to a Continuous Candidate Experience strategy. It’s also about making recruiting easier, faster, and less expensive for both our recruiters and our hiring teams alike. CCE lets our recruiters focus on what’s important—people:

Because much of the tedious work of recruiting will be automated, such as rejecting candidates and recruitment marketing campaigns, our recruiters can leave every rejected candidate with a positive brand impression and keep qualified candidates warm. With the time saved, our recruiters can strengthen their relationships with hiring managers to hone in on exactly what they are looking for and really get to know candidates.

5. The more complex the technology, the less user friendly.

There’s an age old saying : “there is perfection in simplicity”, and that rings true for the hiring platform you choose to use. A platform can’t be everything to everybody, and you should not want that for your organisation. Find a technology supplier that is the best in their field and plug it into your other systems, and thus building the ecosystem piece by piece of the best in the market. Digger plugged into our Core HR system, as the platform is a marketplace where companies can tap into a global Mining & Resource specific database, post a job and benefit from automated shortlisting and ranked applicants.

The platform is user friendly and easy to understand, with fit-for-purpose functionality that increases our recruitment productivity. With most people accessing the internet via cellphones, mobile is central not only to how people communicate but also how they look for work. In this context Digger is assisting people find employment using a mobile app, optimised for the mining industry. This for us as an organisation was extremely appealing, because it brought us closer to our targeted talent. We can now recruit in real time, right where people interact daily….on-mobile.

“Because we use mobile technology and matching algorithms to automatically source, screen and engage candidates based on employer requirements, thereby automating the entire recruitment process and enabling businesses to find the best candidates within as little as 48 hours at very high volumes.