• Lindi Engelbrecht

Building Businesses with Impact

A purpose driven life help us build business with impact

Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way. 

Recently I have been spending allot of time in my own head, listening maybe too much to my own thoughts, comparing myself to other's businesses, or other women's social media feeds. In these moments fear and doubt comes rolling in like waves crashing on the shore. The voice in my head whispers, you are not good enough , not talented enough, you will never have this or that, "they" will see right through you, who are you to be teaching other women? 


I must confess that it takes me a minute or two to recognise the arrows of the enemy's lies, to adjust my focus and instead of listening to my own thoughts, I start to speak to my thoughts. Words of truth, of who my God says I am, the talents He has gifted me with, and the unique song only I can sing. 


I believe for so many of us, just like this virus and wearing masks, us women have been muzzeled by the enemy of fear, comparison, perfectionism and doubt for far too long. We are created for a time like this, to co-create with God, to step out, cultivate our gifts and write the songs of our hearts. We are called to be brave, to contribute to the world what is uniquely positioned in us, whether it be starting a business, to plug in to a community or create, design or build something. 


These words of truth empower and encourage me to take the leap of faith, to help one person everyday (HOPE), to serve the women in our community, to teach them to use their gifts to build God-breathed Businesses & what it means to live on mission for the good of others and for His glory. 

Our gifts were purposely given to us for such a time as this

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We at @winatwork.women find our joy in our Heavenly Father, serve his people by discovering our gifts and teaching how to start businesses that is God breathed so that you can live a life of purpose.....from a cup that overflows!

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