• Lindi Engelbrecht


Hard to believe it’s already 2019. Each year I find myself asking, “Where did the time go?”, and every year it seems to have flown by even faster than the year before. As I look back, 2018 was a year of strong growth for DIGGER from both a product and market-leadership perspective.

It All Comes Down to Delivering Value

While we experienced significant growth this year, I'm even more proud of continuing to meet the real-world needs of our customers every day. Customer satisfaction is the ‘nucleus’ of everything we do at DIGGER. The entire team is obsessively focused on customers and their experiences with our team and brand. It all comes down to delivering value and the DIGGER team continues to show our deep domain expertise and inventiveness as our greatest asset. Day by day we listen and interact personally with customers, as they are the cornerstones of our market leadership.

The DIGGER Platform is the trusted partner for Multiple Mining Operations, which have entrusted the Digger team and platform with their valued talent assets. As we look ahead to 2019, talent acquisition teams face a critical global talent challenge and different workforce landscape than any of their predecessors have ever witnessed. As seamless talent experiences become the standard, recruiting leaders need to expand their thinking beyond traditional purviews, tactics, and technology toolkits to meet expectations.

We believe 2019 presents exciting opportunities as talent driven organisations are facing a common challenge - the need to reach and engage more and of the right talent at a speed that paces well in advance of demand. There is an enormous opportunity to reset the table in 2019 and DIGGER looks forward once again to act as the catalyst for unveiling new ways to make a real difference that helps our customers compete, win and always move them forward.

“Our entire company has been built on meeting and mending the pains associated with matching people to the right jobs at the right companies"

Embrace Experience Driven Recruiting

Walt Disney once said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” In my years of Recruitment experience, and now running a TA tech company, I have found that this sentiment couldn’t be truer. We have moved into a ‘talent picks you’ era and paramount for 2019 brings the importance of experience-driven recruiting (EDR). Placing the candidate experience at the center of your recruiting and brand strategy, successful EDR blends automation and human connection to drive the most value for candidates and employers

Look to the Platform

To support the future workforce, the rise and importance of platforms will be essential to success. DIGGER is the first innovator to provide a one-experience talent platform that enables enterprise organisations to find, engage and hire Mining Specific Skills. As the world becomes more connected, DIGGER’S platform enable collaborative interactions and also the flexible architecture to empower our customers to hire the best candidates,….first time.

No Manual Recruiting - Go mobile or die tryin’

The future is now and 2019 is the year that will forever change talent acquisition and talent delivery in unprecedented ways. We obviously use mobile to job search, but we even use mobile to edit our professional platforms, too. Now we can use mobile to create a professional profile in just mere minutes through the smart and personalised #DIGGERAPP, created for people who are on the go, or on a mine site.

If you don’t live under a rock, you know that mobile is the name of the game. The best ideas don’t come when we sit down in an office and shut out the world. Most of our best ideas come in the midst of real-life moments. They come in the inconvenient times where you don’t have a spare moment to whip out a laptop and document your thoughts or ideas. DIGGER was created with high-energy out-and-about people in mind who want to update their professional profile, and be notified of new career opportunities on the fly or document moments in real-time.

Stop sending multiple word documents with resume changes. Now you can create a digital profile that updates in real-time through the #DIGGERAPP that goes wherever you go and refreshes instantaneously.

The solution to our biggest pain point as candidates

At some point or another, we’ve all been a candidate looking for a job. We’ve dutifully created a resume, had someone check it over for edits, then sent it off to as many different employers as we could, in hopes of hearing at least one long-awaited reply.

The DIGGER Platform enables YOU to decide what your career path looks like. You get notified of positions that match your skills, ability and personality. What if you had your pick at your dream jobs and knew exactly how it would be to work there before you start? Yes, that is possible via the #DIGGERAPP. You scroll through the company profile and vacancy. Watch their Mine video; explore their Area video with your partner, to make an informed decision as a family. You decide if this is an opportunity that you would like to pursue – You are in complete control of who views your profile. Once you’ve decided, press the “ DIG IT ” button, and now only the client can view your profile. You would never have to sit and wonder if employers were viewing your resume — you are updated in real-time how they are engaging with your digital profile and if they are interested in you.

Soft skills and culture fit are becoming just as important to employers as technical skills and subject matter expertise.

Why would I not want to include those in their initial impression of me? I have to if I want to stand out. My LinkedIn profile is just as generic as Joe Shmoe’s next to me. My resume (although pretty well-written) is straight-up boring and only lists a few things about my experience and me. Neither of those really portrays who I am, my passion for what I do, and what I want to accomplish in the future.

I need a professional profile that presents my personality, my skills, my experience, my value, my potential, my goals, my accomplishments, and my passions all within one glance from an employer. It needs to be pretty, easy-to-read, unique, and should truly encompass who I am as a human being and professional in my craft.. A path that I can lead instead of the other way around.

" Finally, candidates have the power to create a true representation of who they are and what they’re looking for. A professional profile that they’re actually proud to share."

Since our founding in 2017, DIGGER has been fuelled by our teams’ passion to make our customers’ lives easier. It starts with listening but goes far beyond that. Our ability to innovate requires a unique combination of world-class development, industry expertise and partnership. In our opinion, for companies to lead in the Talent Acquisition Software industry they must excel at all three. We are ready to take on 2019 and believe our financial strength, product leadership, global reach and passionate team uniquely position DIGGER as a company not only built to last - but built to lead.