• Lindi Engelbrecht

Technical Officer

Available Job @ Large Coal Mine, South Africa

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Business Partner Enablement - Identify, evaluate and support business partners/end-users to develop disciplined sourcing execution capabilities

  • Compliance, Governance and Assurance - Provide guidance to stakeholders to ensure all policies, procedures, standards and guidelines are adhered to in execution of Reconditioning (RECO) activities

  • Continuous Improvement - Participate and provide support in the audit process and continuous improvement of the #RECO process

  • Customer, Stakeholder and Client Relationship Management - Support development and maintenance of relationshipsManage internal and external relations, including interface with external providers or other functions responsible to ensure business needs are met

  • Systems Infrastructure and Enablement - Participate in and support implementation of information management technology and ensure that infrastructure supports the supply chain management processes

Operational Requirements

Procurement : 3 years

General Maintenance : 3 years

Supply Chain, Logistics, Marketing, Warehouse: 3 years

Apply Here & explore full details

Apply Here & explore full details