• Lindi Engelbrecht

What is DIGGER ?

#1 Hiring marketplace where millions of people, find a better job for a better life. - connecting people to their next great opportunity

Everybody knows that we are in a global pandemic, everybody know that we are heading for a recession with job losses. And everybody knows that life as we know it will be forever changed. We’ve heard this way too much…..we get it!!!!

So now what. What do we do about it?

The future is digital. Are you preparing for the digital future that is here today. Whether you are a person who wants to be employed or a company hiring, now more than ever we are forced to use digital tools to do so. We are not talking HR Systems, we are talking Hiring systems.

What digital tools are available, have you considered the different options, and do they offer a complete solution? Mostly it is job boards that advertise jobs at random, and if it offers automated matching it is not very accurate. Or worst yet, have you found yourself using 5 different systems to complete a hiring process?

You see and hear our name on your emails, blogs and social posts. We tell you we are here to help, but what do we actually do.

If you are not sure what Digger is? Look at this video to get an overview understanding of how we help companies digitise the recruitment process from hiring, onboarding, learning and induction.

But what do we do for you as the #applicant ? Have a look at this video to see how to use DIGGER and to position yourself with a professional digital profile with no need for a CV.

How can YOU help yourself and others ?

In order for DIGGER to get positions onto the systems, we need organizations to place their jobs onto DIGGER or to notify us of available career opportunities. The slogan “We are in this together “ has never been more real. But let it not be empty words, but turn this into a motto that will define us in the years to come. Turn your words into action.

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Notify us today at contact@diggerapp.io if you are hiring or know of companies hiring.

As a company hiring Talk to us around COVID19, adjusted pricing and a schedule a DEMO.