• Lindi Engelbrecht

Winning at Talent Attraction

Strategies to build your Talent brand

Hiring success is allot like striking gold - enriching your business as you bring top talent into your team.

An integral part of the recruiting process that can impact how effectively a company is able to recruit top talent is the opportunity of their employer (Talent) brand; their recruitment marketing optimisation strategy and their utilisation of Technology through the candidate journey;

Is Talent branding really that important?

In today’s recruiting landscape, candidates aren’t just asking if they’re a good fit for a company; they’re considering, “Is the company a good fit for me?” They want to know everything they can about the culture, their colleagues, the office environment, various paths to success, and what their lives will be like if they show up there every day. Often, the decision to choose one company over another—or even apply to one company over another—comes down to how much they understand and relate to an employer brand.

I believe the days when a company can expect to just stick an advert for a job on the internet and the best and brightest talent in the world are going to walk right up and compete for the that job, are over. A couple of data points I think are really interesting here. Deloitte recently did a survey that indicated that 44 percent of millennials had turned down a job because they didn’t like the values or the employer brand of the company that the job offer came from. The days at which a company could just say, “We’re a great place to work,” or “We value diversity and inclusion.” Those days are gone. Companies now need to show not tell and the best way to do that is through the voices of their current employees and their Talent brand. In fact, research has shown continuously that candidates are much more likely to trust a specific story, a real human anecdote from one of your people than they are some sort of generic marketing jargon.

Engaging the Right Talent.Savvy organizations turn HR into a powerhouse marketing and recruiting tool. Nothing works better for keeping talent engaged than a vibrant content-rich social platform which enables passive candidates to organically learn more about your company. Yes your company website is where candidates go, however with the always-on-connected environment, candidates are also digging deeper to your social media feeds - The typical candidate engages with more than 16 employer brand touchpoints before applying. Are you telling a unified story? Before social, recruiting was transactional and impersonal. But now, social and mobile applications (https://www.diggerapp.io/corporates) can be easy and extremely user-friendly. People have always been talking about your company, and social technology and online communities have transformed talent acquisition by enabling candidates to join the conversation. Power compelling recruitment marketing campaigns and amplify your employer brand to find and engage candidates that are a great fit for your company. Engage talent and gather insights to help make your company culture something worth tweeting about! In today’s connected and mobile world, candidate expectations are high, which means recruiters need to focus on making their lives easier on mobile.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Recruiting

With the emergance of AI technology within the recruiting space, in the form of candidate sourcing, screening and matching, HR teams need to get ahead of the curve here and understand not only the impacts of AI on their workforces, but also the benefit of incorporating new and exciting tools into their workflows, especially for recruitment and talent attraction. With a plethora of startups out there in this space, it’s easy for talent acquisition teams to experiment and find what works for them. In today’s market, finding top talent will depend on a recruiter’s ability to intelligently automate their workflow.