• Lindi Engelbrecht

You can't have a positive life, when you have a negative mind ~

Hope is a focus not a feeling. You become what you focus on.

L O C K D O W N Level 3........as the words escape my mouth I can hardly believe these are the times we are living in.  

In the first few weeks of the lockdown, I must confess was an ebb & flow of emotions, from anxiousness & fear to bizarreness & possibly a bit of denial, however in the last 3 weeks I have experienced peace, joy and hyper-focus in my business.  

I had a lengthly video call with a friend yesterday, whereby she asked me : "What have you learned in lockdown thus far & what would I advise her & her business going forward?"

This was my response........ 

  • You can't have a positive life, when you have a negative mind ~ This has become my mantra in life.  When you were young and you rode your bicycle & saw a pothole in the middle of the road, you surely wanted to avoid the pothole, however you became so fixated on missing the pothole that somehow you rode right into it, why is that?  It is called "Target Fixation".  I believe that happens to us in our daily lives.  What your mind fixes on, will ultimately give way to a result, whether positive or negative.  I encourage us to fix our minds not on our current circumstance (which is out of our control), but rather on our hope-filled vision for the future, our goals and blessings.  Hope is a focus not a feeling. You become what you focus on. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.

  • The words you speak, will become the house you live in ~ I have been on a journey with words the last few years.  I started to realise that there is life or death in our words! Our words matter!  The words we speak over yourself, our businesses, our relationships, matter. Choose your words carefully, be aware of your default setting, do you automatically speak negative words or positive ones.  As soon as we are aware, we can change.

  • Stop complaining.  The garden of complaining bears no flowers.  The more we complain about the things in our lives the less we can see new opportunities that want to spring up and form a beautiful garden in our lives and businesses. I saw a chalkboard hanging on a friend's door, with the description “Gratitude is the way to Peace”. A powerful realisation indeed.

In the middle of hard times, we learn how to be thankful even though things aren’t going the way we hoped.

Gratitude doesn’t come naturally, but when we practice gratitude, we do gain something in return: a better perspective.

Share with our women community, how you keep your mind positive amidst of a pandemic....