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DIGGER is at the leading edge of delivering transformative  talent in Africa - and helping leaders build & scale sustainable, high-impact teams

The DIGGER Difference

Top Talent Professionals. Powered by Software. Driven by Community


Seasoned Talent Specialists working for you

Our team of veteran Talent Specialists provides expert coaching, curated opportunities, and personalized attention to help you cut through the noise and land your ideal position, one that best leverages your strengths and accelerates your career. 


Data & insights at your fingertips

Explore the broadest set of opportunities, access company and role-level insights, and deeply understand your fit — ensuring your next move is the right one


Technology that gives you an edge

Nearly all technology in the market is designed for employers, creating a frustrating and opaque experience for candidates. We’re building a CRM for your career, ensuring the process of finding a job is smarter, faster, and more transparent.

PASSIONATE ABOUT PEOPLE - We are the Talent Partner of choice for clients and highly skilled professionals, securing business-critical talent worldwide to get the very best results in an ever-changing, connected world 

We uniquely combine the best of humans with the best of tech to bring your career the focus, attention, and competitive insights it deserves. 

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Join the community that helps Professionals  succeed in their careers

We’re looking for exceptional people – those capable of driving change and leaving a lasting impact on every organisation they’re a part of. Our talent community  is diverse, with leaders from all backgrounds and corners of the world. But they have one thing in common: they’re high-performing individuals who are looking to create real value. If that’s you, then we’ll work tirelessly to connect you to the place where you’ll flourish.

How to get Started : 

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the WIN@WORK Podcast

This podcast was created as a way for our industry’s most respected leadership figures from across the world to give back to the community, by sharing; knowledge, experiences and ideas, to inspire, innovate and provide real-life use cases. Our goal is to create a community of like-minded professionals that collaborate to share their experiences, ideas and advise, in order to impact future generations, companies and the industry as a whole. 


Talent Community

Join the top 10% of  professionals. When you work with DIGGER, you have access to career coaching from our Talent Advisors along with exclusive features and content that can accelerate your career.


Discover career Opportunities

Leverage our job search tool to explore the broadest set of Professional opportunities with powerful filters and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Talent Advisor?

A Talent Advisor is a recruiter who works for you. Our Talent Advisors focus on understanding what you care about most in your career and helping you find that next role that sets you up for success, all at no cost to you. Working with a Talent Advisor is completely confidential.


Does this cost me anything?

Everything’s free for candidates — we don’t charge you to work with a Talent Advisor or use our job search tool. We keep things simple and straightforward: there’s no hidden paperwork or cost of any kind for candidates.


What happens after I apply?

We review every profile and application. We place a focus on delivering a truly exceptional experience for all candidates we work with, so our Talent Advisors only work with a select number of candidates at any given moment.


Why should I join the Talent Network/Community?

We’re building a community of the top 10% of professionals supported by insightful Talent Advisors. Members of our community have access to working with our Talent Advisors and can participate in exclusive events, podcasts and features.



+27 71 877 8597 / +27 71 877 7797

17 Poplar Avenue

RiverClub, Sandton


South Africa 

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