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AI Can Help You Humanise The Candidate Experience.

AI Drives a More Personalized Experience

In addition to enabling efficient and strategic sourcing at scale, AI can also improve your organization’s candidate experience. Many organizations recognize that the candidate experience is truly a candidate’s first impression of a future employer.

Recruiters prioritise candidate experience for good reason. Candidates are known to turn down offers due to bad experiences & 72% of them share these experiences on review sites & with their network. All this spells a branding disaster & less talent coming through the door.

Candidates don’t like it when they apply for jobs and don’t hear back from employers. It is anxiety-inducing to be kept in the dark & unaware of next steps. And it’s plain discouraging to jump through screening hoops only to then be ghosted.

In a best case scenario, candidates will also get something from the recruiting process even if they don’t get the job. This could come in the form of new connections, great feedback or a better understanding of the industry.

This is where technology comes in. The right technology can automate tasks and give candidates the information they crave without adding to a recruiter’s workload.

With less time spent on repetitive tasks, recruiters can pay more attention to strategy & designing a great experience for candidates who progress through the funnel

Even the best recruiters can find creating a personalized candidate experience difficult to do at scale. 60% of job seekers report a negative candidate experience with employers

Fortunately, AI can improve your organization’s candidate experience:

~ Increase efficiency & offload time-consuming tasks so that recruiters are empowered to focus on personalized candidate engagements

~ You can increase speed-to-hire. By automating manual tasks and early-stage candidate screening you can increase your hiring speed.

A quick hiring process is preferential for candidates as a timely outcome can reduce anxiety and help them make better decisions. Candidates can have multiple job offers, be waiting to hear back from you before pursuing other opportunities or be feeling job-seeking stress.

~ Add even more personalized touch points to the candidate experience, which increases engagement from high-quality candidates

~ Proactively reach candidates using their preferred channels (like mobile & in-app notifications) about relevant job opportunities

~ Prompt candidates with relocation opportunities they may be interested in, or proactively let them know when their skill set might make them a good fit for a different role.

Despite the myth that AI might depersonalize the candidate experience, 58% of job seekers say they are comfortable with AI tools in the application process. The immediacy & accessibility of personalized information, coupled with a human recruiter who can give them the attention they deserve, makes for an experience they won’t forget.

Now that technology has become an integral part of modern-day talent acquisition, a large number of human resources professionals in different corners of the world are employing strategic methods and leveraging data analytics to identify the various recruiting aspects that negatively impact candidate engagement so as to make the needed changes. The greatest advantage of delivering a positive candidate experience is that it can help companies create a strong employment brand while strengthening their talent pipeline at the same time. Therefore, ensure that you select a highly sophisticated AI-powered recruitment software in order to maximize hiring efficiency and facilitate stellar candidate engagement across the various stages of your talent acquisition process 24*7


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