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Capturing Mind Share as a Recruiter

The recruitment chef with DIGGER
Recruitment strategies to capture mind share from candidates

In today's highly competitive job market, the role of recruiters has become more important than ever. Recruiters are tasked with the responsibility of finding and hiring the best candidates for the job, and to do so, they must be able to capture the mind share of job seekers. Mind share refers to the attention and consideration that job seekers give to recruiters, and capturing it requires a combination of skills and strategies.

Here are some tips on how recruiters can capture mind share as they work to build a strong talent pipeline:

Build a Strong Personal Brand

Recruiters must have a strong personal brand if they want to capture the mind share of job seekers. This means building a professional online presence, creating a compelling personal narrative, and establishing a reputation for being a trusted and knowledgeable recruiter. This can be accomplished through social media, professional networks, and personal websites, as well as by regularly sharing useful and relevant information with job seekers. You want people to buy from you, not you having to sell to them.

Be a Good Listener

To capture the mind share of job seekers, recruiters must be good listeners. This means being present, attentive, and engaging with job seekers, and taking the time to understand their needs, goals, and motivations. Good listening skills will help recruiters build trust and rapport with job seekers, making it easier to match them with the right job opportunities.

Provide Valuable Information and Resources

Job seekers want recruiters who can provide them with valuable information and resources. This can include information about specific industries, career paths, job market trends, and more. Recruiters can also provide resources such as resume building tools, job search strategies, and interview tips. By providing job seekers with this information, recruiters can demonstrate their expertise and value, making it more likely that they will capture their mind share.

Be Responsive and Reliable

Responsiveness and reliability are key to capturing the mind share of job seekers. Recruiters must be responsive to job seeker inquiries and provide timely and informative answers. They should also be reliable and follow through on promises, making sure that job seekers are always informed about the status of their applications and job searches.

Show a Personal Touch and differentiate yourself from your competitors

Whenever I’m training recruiters, one of the main things they say to me is “Lindi, I’m fed up with being seen the same as every other recruiter. This is my tip to them - If you want to be seen as different, you need to sound different! Show a personal touch - take a personalized approach to recruiting, making an effort to understand the unique needs and motivations of each job seeker, to ask different questions, to cover the below the line matters with a personalised approach. Not transactional but relationship building.

In conclusion, capturing mind share as a recruiter is about building a strong personal brand, being a good listener, providing valuable information and resources, being responsive and reliable, and showing a personal touch. By implementing these strategies, recruiters can build a strong talent pipeline and attract the best job seekers to their clients' organizations


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