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How TRV Consulting attracts top talent with DIGGER

Reach 5x better quality candidates. With our Talent Attraction Technology.

Hiring. It’s never as easy as it sounds, is it? The hiring process costs time and money while offering zero guarantees. This is why innovative recruiting solutions like artificial intelligence (AI) pique the interest of hiring teams.

In theory, AI hiring tools would expand talent pools, automate processes, and bring dream candidates to our attention quicker so jobs could be filled faster. We’d see an era of people-first recruiting that benefits both candidates and companies.

To recruit elite talent, TRV Consulting has simplified the process by utilizing technological solutions like DIGGER. Sourcing applicants and Matching with Technology attracts top talent for the company which have differentiated them from many traditional competitors. Automation and optimization of the front-end candidate sourcing process reduces costs, increases quality, and improves lead-to-hire likelihood.

How Intelligence-driven tools like DIGGER boost recruiting efficiency

DIGGER is an online Employment marketplace & recruiting platform that selects, identifies & ranks the best available candidates and job seekers in our Marketplace. We founded DIGGER to simplify the job market for both job seekers and employers. Unlike traditional online job sites, DIGGER works like a matchmaker curating job opportunities for job seekers, and candidates for employers. We simplify Shortlisting to help you reach the right talent, right away.

Results of integrating AI recruiting tools into the TRV platform. While short on resources, owner of TRV Consulting, Chris Engel sought to expand the company. By adopting DIGGER, business was able to recruit excellent personnel and earned R 150 k in return in the first three months. The company also used the “people-intelligence” technology to:

  • Reduce Costs by 90%

  • Improve Lead Time to Hire by 140%

  • Improve Sourcing Quality by 130%

How optimizing the process attracts top talent for recruiters

As work functions have become more digital in various industries, many recruiting firms are still using traditional manual sourcing methods. This takes up a lot of time, is more tedious, and reduces overall productivity. Instead of struggling to find quality candidates through basic keyword searches or manually creating and sending communications, integrating technology sourcing tools can cut downtime and improve overall efficiency. This saves you money and ultimately matches top talent with employers.

DIGGER inspires millions of candidates to do the job they love.

Our Online Employment Marketplace helps talent-centric businesses to hire more quality candidates, faster.

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