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Recent trends in the movement from IT audit to more operational roles.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend in the movement of IT audit professionals to more operational roles such as risk and assurance. This shift is largely driven by the evolving needs of organizations and the changing role of IT in business.

IT audit professionals are no longer just responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies. They are now expected to provide strategic guidance and insights to help businesses leverage technology to achieve their goals. As a result, many IT audit professionals are transitioning to more operational roles where they can directly impact business operations.

Why Consider a Move to Risk and Assurance?

One reason IT audit professionals are drawn to risk and assurance roles is the opportunity to have a more direct impact on business outcomes. In these roles, they can work closely with business leaders to identify and manage risks, implement controls, and ensure the organization is operating in a secure and compliant manner.

Another reason for the shift is the need for a broader skill set. While IT audit professionals possess strong technical skills, risk and assurance roles require a more holistic approach that encompasses business strategy, risk management, and compliance. By moving into these roles, IT audit professionals can broaden their skill set and increase their value to the organization.

Why Stay in IT Audit?

Despite the appeal of operational roles, IT audit remains a critical function within organizations. IT audit professionals play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of financial reporting, maintaining regulatory compliance, and protecting the organization against cyber threats. The demand for IT audit professionals is also on the rise, with organizations increasingly recognizing the importance of strong IT controls and governance.

IT audit professionals who choose to stay in the field can also continue to expand their skill set and take on more strategic roles within the organization. With the continued integration of technology into business operations, IT audit professionals have the opportunity to become true business partners and drive innovation and growth.


The movement from IT audit to more operational roles such as risk and assurance is a reflection of the changing role of technology in business and the need for a broader skill set. While the move can be attractive to some IT audit professionals, it is important to recognize the continued importance of IT audit and the opportunities it presents for career growth and strategic impact within organizations. Ultimately, the decision to move into operational roles or stay in IT audit should be based on individual career goals and organizational needs.


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