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How to Decide on the Right Tech for Your Recruitment Goals

Recruiters have no shortage of recruitment technology tools at their disposal. Figuring out which of those solutions is best suited to streamline their hiring procedures, however, does require some upfront investigation.

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Decisions regarding fit for purpose Recruitment Technology

During that research, most recruiters uncover one thing: It’s a combination of platforms, software, and processes — and not one solution — that will provide the support they need.

Consider the duo of automation and artificial intelligence, for example. Each tool thrives when used to maximize the other’s value. Transferring repetitive tasks to a trustworthy system frees up recruiters to tackle higher-level responsibilities. When machine learning can evaluate and interpret massive amounts of data, the results will help any recruiter shine.

Are AI and automation valuable on their own? Yes, but automated outreach without AI-related personalization can give off spammy overtones and skew a recruiter’s true intent. Sending the same templated message to 1,000 potential job candidates sounds impressive until you realize they’re unqualified and unvetted applicants who merely met a simple Boolean search.

The use of technology in recruitment and selection requires nuance. Instead of assuming any solution will do the trick, recruiters should take a close look at their strategies and unique needs before committing to technological solutions.

Find the Right Recruiting Technology Tools

AI and automated to-do lists only scratch the surface of how technology helps optimize the recruiting process. A number of factors should be considered before finalizing which recruitment technology trends will meet a team’s needs. These three are a great start:

1. Where are the pain points? The role of technology in recruitment and selection should be as a problem solver. Naming inefficiencies is a great place to begin brainstorming which solutions will have an impact.

Recruiters should jot down their most troublesome, irritating, and time-consuming stumbling blocks. For instance, some recruiters struggle to get quick responses from interviewees or experience too much lag time between the first and second round of interviews. Having a list of the organization’s or team’s most cumbersome gaps can kick-start conversations about AI, automation, or other related options that can make a difference.

2. Which vendors solve the most pressing pain points? All recruitment solutions have specific focuses. With pain points in hand, recruiters can discover and sync up with potential partners to create customized improvements to their recruitment processes.

Vetting a potential partner comes down to asking a few simple questions. Does the vendor’s goal align with the recruiter’s goals? Is the vendor an effective communicator? Is the vendor within the recruiter’s budget? Is there a clear vision of what success looks like? Recruiters can do research and review previous case studies to find the answers and confirm a piece of tech is the right solution.

3. How is success measured? Has technology improved hiring processes or caused them to plateau? Recruiters should be able to measure the progress of any technology by tracking data points such as the number of inbound leads acquired or the time it takes to fill positions.

The exact metrics will no doubt vary from firm to firm and can be collected and evaluated with the help of automation and AI. Many recruitment technology tool vendors can assist in developing a system to pinpoint what’s working and how it’s making a difference.

Regardless of the recruitment technology trend of the moment, recruiters always have the same goal: to onboard happy, engaged, and productive workers in a timely fashion. With the help of the right recruitment technology tools, recruiters can reduce friction points and increase their overall effectiveness in attracting the best and brightest candidates.

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